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my name is frank miller. hello! after about 20 years of not playing any instruments except drums, about late 2011 I started recording my own music, though really out of practice on bass and guitar, and also never playing keys nor vox. so I decided to push the envelope and started recording everything myself. knowing that practice makes perfect, slowly but surely I'll get better! if you compare song 1 - 12 to my current music, you can tell an obvious difference!

through some bad times and many years of manic depression, nervous breakdown and who knows what the hell else, i've risen from the dead to make music which is always what i wanted to do. having never recorded my own stuff nor mixed, etc., i went and just did it anyways. i will be playing bass, guitars, keyboards, singing, background vocals, writing the music and lyrics, composing, arranging, mixing, editing, etc etc. all one man band unless noted. i'll be using my internet nick and domain name - phantasm777 as my band name, artists name. thanks for your time but most of all thanks for your patience. :)

these songs will be listed in order of creation date. they will be far from perfect and "only" demos. perhaps to revive again one day for whatever reason, including to make a better version. click on the name of the song for a listen. they are in mp3 format. click the title of the song at the left to hear, it will take a bit of time to load and should either bring you to a page to listen to it on or should make one of your music players you use open and play it. all have copyrights! :P

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111. drowning in the screams of my insanity
- another song about dealing with mental illness, manic depresssion, anxiety, nervous breakdown, etc. down to a hard rock, metal prog, metal psyche style.

110. how is it we are here (cover)
- great song by moddy blues.

109. i set myself free
- a song about setting myself , reasonably free of manic depression and other issues.

108. antiquity can tell us
- started thinking about ancient egypt and the about a lot of other mysterious things all over the world. i personally think we should know all there is about ancient civilizations that are, more than likely, being hidden from us all in various places for various reasons. this is a metal prog psyche song..

107. no longer at home / evil follows me
- this is a dual title song. dark and gloomy as usual and has the live feel i often go for. the lyrics are no big deal. they can mean whatever you want them to. running time is about 7:30..

106. summer dreams
- the song's lyrics are about longing for summer while in the midst of winter. it is a hard rock, metal, metal prog type song, with some gloomy chords. something slightly different for me. i tried to give it a live feel. once again it is only a rough demo. running time about 6:30 thanks for the listen..

105. a mystery to me
- a mystery to me is a ballad of sorts, started out soft and mellow and gradually building up to a hard rock - metal ending. the song is about ponderings of what might happen after death..

104. dr pretorious
- this is a song about dr pretorious from the movie - the bride of frankenstein. from the time he met the monster onwards. it's basically a straight up metal song or perhaps better called - horror metal! it runs about 9:30 mins. if you like metal, this song might sound best cranked UP on your headphones. a few mistakes, but then again, this is a rough demo..

103. hallows eve
- this is a spooky song about a guy who's love is a vampyre he meets her at a club hallow's eve - eve and stays there long enough until the early morning of halloween. then later picks her up via carriage and they go to an unearthly party with her friends on halloween night into all souls day. he makes new friends with creatures and beings of all types as they all party down. i sure could make a good video of this but do not have anything needed to do so, maybe one day. the song runs about 9:21 mins. you will find metal and metal prog elements in this song..

102. wheels of confusion (cover)
- always liked this song by sabbath.

101. syntro
- this is a 3 part song. the beginning - syntro - is a spacey psyche thing. just before the 1 min mark changes to the main song called - i saw - which is a hard rock - metal song. at almost the 6 minute mark, it comes to the ending part called - goodbye my little friend - which is a slow, mellow, but haunting piece with a mournful guitar solo. full running time 7:27 mins..

100. mesmerization
- mesmerization is a mellow prog rock song for the first 5 mins. then a little heavier for the last 3 mins. the lyrics are thoughts and observations. this song marks my 100th since rising from the dead as a musician..

099. sweet city woman (cover)
- great song from 1971. my friend nicknamed Hook, did the banjo.

098. cycatrix
- a song about lost loves and pondering over some of them.

097. wanderer
- a nother mini roick opera about a wizard.

096. manic mind
- thoughts and reasonsing of a guy with a manic mind.

095. life, death, immortel
- a mini rock opera of the life and death of a guy who falls in love with a vampire.

094. no one said life is easy
- another song about how shitty we treat each other as human beings.

093. it was a dream
- about a guy who dreams about a girl falls in love only to wake up and find it was all a dream.

092. how do you live with yourselves
- a prog metal song about how we mistreat each other and allow authority to abuse us.

091. forever may it be
- sort of a mini rock opera with thoughts and ideas in an average day..

090. the love I have for you
- this was a collaboration with old bandmate, chrsi vaisvil. I gave him a drum and bass track, he wrote a 12 strong guitarline for it and did the leads in the right channel in the last 3 quarters of the song. I also did the vox, keys, background vox arranged, wrote the lyrics and edited it..

089. forever in the cosmos
- a sort of sci-fi, fantasy, prog-rock, psyche, hard rock, metal original.

088. cold are her lips
- original, more later.

087. hurdy gurdy man (cover)
- a cool 67 psyhe rock pop song by donovan.

086. hate is the cancer of the soul
- original, more later.

085. I am the walrus (cover)
- one of my fav psyche beatle songs.

084. time to live
- original, more later.

083. in for the kill (cover)
- excellent song by budgie that I decided to cover.

082. live your life and i'll live mine
- this one is about both losing a love and having to deal with some forcing their views upon you.

081. try a little sunshine (cover)
- cover of a great psyche song from 1969 by the factory.

080. we don't need your hate
- another song about how awful we treat one another.

079. time won't let me (cover)
- by the outsiders, great song from 1967.

078. I just don't know why
- words inspired by how bad too many of us treat each other

077. masonry
- I wrote the song then decided to use older lyrics. this was a poem I had published and set to song

076. iron butterfly theme (cover)
- my version of the 1967 iron butterfly song, probably the first metal song ever done.

075. for naught / synthetic symphonic sympathy
- for naught is a song about a knucklehead that just never found true love, and the end song - synthetic symphonic sympathy is an instrumental. running time about 12:22.

074. kicks (cover)
- by paul revere and the raiders. from 1968, always liked this song since I was a kid.

073. secret sojourn
- sort of a prog, hard rock instrumental.

072. mother freedom (cover)
- an old bread song not many remember. I've always wanted to a a hard rock version of this song.

071. shapes of things to come (cover)
- by max frost and the troopers. title track from the 1967 movie called wild in the streets.

070. walking deadman
- a song about a guy who knows his life is pretty much over and feels helpless

069. fire (cover)
- a cover of the crazy world of arthur brown. from 1968, my friend from UK - Trevor did the vox, done in a hard rockin way.

068. the song that I don't want to sing
- another original of mine about a life long love that can never seem to become reality for very long, no matter how many tries.

067. hanging with the vampires
- an instrumental, kind of a film score I did!

066. promises promises (cover)
- by soft cell. from 1984 I think, I do not do too many 80's songs but I always liked the chords on this song.

065. hitchin a ride (cover)
- by vanity fare from 1970, great song from my childhood.

064. snowblind (cover)
- by sabbath from 1972, a groovy old metal song.

063. upon ambrosia I did dine
- my latest original

062. draggin the line(cover)
- by tommy james from 1971, cool old song.

061. you showed me - the turtles (cover)
- from 1969, originally done by the byrds, i wanted to do a mellow love song from the times.

060. i'm 18 - alice cooper (cover)
- from 1971, a great song, had to do a cover.

059. walk away(cover)
- by the james gang from 1971, a great song, i did live-ish version of it.

058. in an ungodly hour
- song written for halloween about gloomy dark things and lyrcis for one's own interpretation.

057. go to hell, jack the ripper
- an original adpated from a hard rock opera i was thinking about, put into just one song, using character voices.

056. tighter, tighter -(cover)
- by alive and kickin from 1970 a pop cover i did, apparently not to well. :\.

055. tomorrow never knows(cover)
- by the beatles from 1966, great beatles psyche song.

054. event horizon
- an original instrumental.

053. till the end of the day(cover)
- by the kinks from 1965 a great kinks song done in a hard rock style..

052. hyponotized (cover)
- from 1973, fleetwod mac back in the days when bob welch was in the band.

051. born on the bayou (cover)
- from 1969 classic ccr song.

050. tomorrows dreams (cover)
- by sabbath from 1972 from the great vol. 4 lp.

049. so many obstacles
- another original'

048. the cheater (cover)
- by bob kuban and the inmen from 1966 a great old R&B song. i didn't have horns so i did the best i could.

047. burnin sky (cover)
- by bad company from 1977 one of the best years of my life so this song holds added interest for me for many reasons.

046. bright lit blue skies (cover)
- by the rockin ramrods from 1967 by a band most have never heard of but a great song nonetheless.

045. blackberry way (cover)
- by the move from 1969 a great psyche song from pre- ELO.

044. devil woman (cover)
- from 1976. my cover of cliff richards - devil woman.

042. make freedom ring
- this song is about us vs them, the government. applies to all people who have to deal with a government they're not very happy with. about anger of losing our rights and paying unfair taxes compared to the 1%. but enough about that and i hope you enjoy the song.

041. dance the night away (cover)
- by cream from 1968 - wanted to try these harmonies. did the vocals in a kind of late 60's yet gothic feel. it didn't turn out as clear overall, as i would have liked but, it's not like i was making a cd or anything. these are only demo's!

040. becks bolero (cover)
- the jeff beck group from 1968 i cover becks bolero. didnt have a slide so i used a plastic marker pen, not nearly as good as a slide. but i did the best i could

039. paranoid (cover)
- from 1969 a great song from grand funk i covered. i tried to give it a live sound since this version is off the live lp.

038. poets justice (cover)
- uruah heep 1972 from demons and wizards. after doing fairly well with heeps - the wizard i decided to do another song from the same lp, a song called poets justice. it was done using a whopping 42 tracks. mostly cause of the many background harmony vocals.

037. the wizard (cover)
- uriah heep 1972 from demons and wizards - the wizard. i had my friend Bruno do the acoustic guitar and the left middle elec. guitar in the middle hard part. i did everything else. thanks again Bruno!

036. little green bag (cover)
- by george baker this is a cover song from 1969. always liked this song and always wanted tro do it in a band or wherever. so now was the time. remember it is just a rough demo!

035. experiment in terror (cover)
- by henry mancini 1962. this is a cover of one of my fav composers - henry mancini. this is the title soundtrack song from the 1962 movie - experiment in terror. for those who grew up in the chicagoland area, this was the theme song for a late night horror series featuring old horror movies back some 40 yrs ago. it was the first time i remember hearing it and has been a fav ever since for many reasons.

034. pain of my misfortune (cover)
- by the moving finger. this is a cover song from 1968. i love classic rock era music sure but also the obscure stuff you sometimes can only find on compilations. always liked the song, and just had to do it!

033. into the void (cover)
- a sabbath song. i did this over the last 2 weeks, during a illness spell. it didn't help my vocals any, but this is just a raw demo, and i wanted to get it over and done. it helped keep me sane during all this. i could do any of MY songs over again and they would be better, BUT i would rather move on and be making more songs rather the re-doing old ones. BUT! some of them, i might re-do for many reasons. ahhh but this is my sorry ass tribute to sabbath!

032. horror in tears
- dark song about lost love and no love.

031. on some foggy night
- this is an original. a spooky long song with some prog, gothic, hard rock elements to it. this was a fun one to make.

030. eyes without a face (cover)
- by billy idol. from 1984 my version of this gloomy song. special guest vocalist - haylie from UK. 029. haunted dreams of past lives
- instrumental, title explains it.

028. all day music (cover)
- a War tribute.

027. bring it on home (cover)
- a zeppelin tribute.

026. where ever you are
- about past girls and wondering about a future one.

025. wont forget you
- about old flames.

024. damaged
- a song about depression in life.

023. shadows grin wildly
- this is a guitar riff i remember form jan 75, in my second band. chris ripped out this riff as a jam, we only played it that once, it was an improve like purple mts. anyways its just about reflecting on some personal misfortunes as you go about your daily life. 12 different tracks.

022. a thousand days of yesterdays (time since come and gone) (cover)
- on the 40th anniversary of captain beyonds first lp, i did this as a tribute

021. tales of yesteryear
- tales of reflecting upon the past.

020. extermination earth
- a tale about aliens invading and destroying out planet.

019. words (cover)
- wanted to do a new cover song, spooky worked out well so time for a monkees song. again as awlays i am playing, singing, doing everything on this. cool psyche song with a bit of a hard rock edge. very fun to make it, vocals were not easy, thought the backing harmonies were fun.this song was done using 21 different tracks.

018. spooky (cover)
- i always liked playing some copies - cover songs in bands, as well as the original stuff, provided it was a song li liked. lots of songs i wanted to do a version of as a tribute, not as something to try and be a better song than the original. thats preposterous! its a mere redoing without wanting to change the song too much, and yet not try to sound too close like a tape recorder. this is my first cover, spooky by the classics IV. think it came out in 68. was redone by the atlanta rhythm section in late 70's, which by the way, at least one member of ARS was in classics IV maybe 2. this song was done using 18 different tracks.

017. purple mountains / over my cold dead body
- purple mountains is a riff improvised with an old band back in 75. i liked it so much i still remember it and band mate chris vaisvil helped write it back then a cool hard rock, slightly psyche song. over my cold dead body is an instrumental about that dreaded day. this song was done using 24 different tracks.

016. my psychedelic funeral
- a spacey, smooth jazz, psychedelic, rock instrumental i wrote and if you notice i've been on a bit of a psychedelic kick, so bear with me. i'll be doing whatever style song comes to mind, or inspiration. this song needs a bit more bass, i'll remix it with that in mind at a later time.. also as per usual, i do all the music, compositions, arranging, ssinging, wiriting, etc on all songs. this song was done using 15 different tracks.

015. locked door to my soul
- is a song of releasing , or trying to, some of the bad times you went through, trying to not so much forget them, you prob never can, but to let some of them rest and let you free! but all the while remembering your past and trying not to repeat the things that did not work out well in the past. i suppose its a reflecting upon ones own life. this song was done using 29 different tracks.

014. thinkin bout people

- a song about hoping for the best for all of us people. the very last guitar riff, though an ending, inspired me enough to make a song out of it, to be posted a bit later. this song was done using 18 different tracks.

013. 77

- summer 77. love of my life, fun times, workin, partyin, felt on top of the world! a song about true love that never really got rooted, and trying to learn when its finaly time to move on. this song was done using 32 different tracks.

012. ethereal stage coach ride / dance macabre
- this song i wanted a little hard rock almost like Heep for a short time in the beginning, its an instrumental. then into a slow haunted melodies of the main part of the song - dance macabre, almost goth romantic style song. maybe kind of a horror movie song. this song was done using 34 different tracks.

011. starstruck
- this was going to be a vocaless song but i came up with the idea about a space guy who was too far away without fuel or food to go back home and will die in space. this song was done using 24 different tracks.

010. hole in the north pole
- another soundtrack piece of mine about an imaginary sci fi movie. this song was done using 38 different tracks.

009. not just another sunny day
- this song is a combo of a few styles and yes, a slight bit of reggae in a few places, but somewhat watered down. . this song was done using 21 different tracks.

008. love is just like a migraine
- this song was made to start out soft and using more guitar. the words are about the typical pains of love. hang in there i screw up in a few places on different instruments, but the basis of the idea is there, and i want to move on to making or finishing another "demo" type amatuer song. all the instruments could be played better, only did most of them on 1 - 3 or 4 takes. these songs are new to even me so i dont have them completely memorized or all the instrument parts thoroughly thought out, but as i said the basis is there.

at the 4:31 mark i had a problem with the mixing program and it auto stops there so i had to manually splice in the rest but iy did not work. very noticeable, but had to save the song, please forgive that blunder as was the only way to save the entire song. some technical screw up in the program i use, i guess! obviously i wind up out of key sometimes, whether vocal ot whatever, or timing, but hang in there there are times of less errors and the song idea should ring through. this song was done using 14 different tracks.

007. there was a time
- a song about bad times in the past and trying to recover from them. the vocals arent the best, but i left them there cause they do convey for me, how the melody line for vocals should be IF i ever re-do it. he vocals were done in one take, and though they could be better, this is only a demo.20 different tracks.

006. hidden from obscurity
- this was a weird one, many tracks, definately a "head"phone song! :P im speaking the lyrics in this one, that might change to singing i dont know. starts off kind of spacey hard rock song. and from about middle to end changes into an almost floyd - hawkwind, though i didnt seek this goal, i just made what i felt and then compared it to styles after.

anyways, the 4 note repeated background at the end, does so for 2 equal amounts of measures and then the same amount but backwards right after. the guitar solo is me bending my warlock guitar strings, no effects and then adding them in mixing. some parts of it, using a flange make the guitar leads track appear to be a synthesizer here and there, so thats cool since i dont have a synth and can make some synth sounds, the more sounds the merrier. anyways i found this song, far as listening quite a good trippy song.

any instrument or vocals i have done on any of these might be subject to change. but sometimes some are best left as is. ive got more songs ready that need some mixing etc, and some vocals, drums. and i'll have them up soon. i'll let anyone who cares, know, on facebook when that happens. again these are first through 4ourth takes. no long practices, all new songs so im not even used to them yet, far as memorized. so theyre NEW to me too! :)this song was done using 14 different tracks.

005. hang on!
- a slow rock song about hangin in there no matter when the goin gets tough. it's meant to encourage and rejoice about life, in its own meager way. these songs will be a bit simple until i regain my old guitar and bass skills. my first attempt at lead guitar at the end, in some 16 yrs. :) this song was done using 21 different tracks.

004. flight from Phobos
- a companion piece to phobos project, and also the additional score to the imaginary movie. just getting used to the keys and using the mixing program. this song was done using 13 different tracks.

003. Phobos project
- a sort of score more than anything else along with - flight from phobos. just an experiment to get me used to using the keyboards. i saw it as a sci fi score to an imaginary movie.this song was done using 12 different tracks.

002. the beckoning (mezmer eyes)
this song was loosely written about a "dark" woman, whether gothic, vampire or just weird, and the guys feelings about being entranced by her. i did all instruments, bass, drums, guitar, keys, vocals. this song you will notice better timings, and smoother transitions from riff to riff. as per the last song - live to die, i did some experimenting on texture and feel, but to a smoother sounding song as this one is. this song was done using 23 different tracks.

001. (you only) Live to Die
this was my first time recording, composing, arranging, mixing my own musical compositions. live to die started as an experiment to see all i could do (and get used to mixing, etc). i also did vocals and keys on this recording. its not a song about anything really, starts out about a woman and ends about mortality. it was a song written mainly for me to do background textures with sound, to get a feel for my mixing program and also on how to use it.

it is not exactly on time, nor error free, but is a rough demo just to get the ball rolling. the beg. starts as a rockin kinda jam, then at the end a really weird flight off into darkness. i did this knowing it wouldnt be very good, but didnt turn out too bad for a first timer. i believe there are a total of about 19 tracks in this, not all played at the same time though. this song was done using 16 different tracks.

note - these are all rough demos. i am not going to spend too much time on any one song. :) :P :)

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